Then and Now Updated 2016

Look into the past of our buildings and neighborhoods through 86 dated historical and current pictures. Send us your pictures and become a part of our memory. If you have a large screen, click on a picture for a full screen view. Pictures are sorted alphabetically.

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11 Responses to Then and Now Updated 2016

  1. Otto Wilkens says:

    I enjoyed this journey back in time. Otto

  2. Sunny Clark says:

    A lovely trip down memory lane for anyone who has lived in inner southwest Toronto!

  3. Allegra Fulton says:

    Thank you! What a wonderful education. How interesting Parkdale continues to be!

  4. Mike Filey says:

    More fascinating photos…thanks

    • jack gibney says:

      Mike, the web site is unlocked. You are welcome to download and use anything. Credit back is nice.

  5. Barbara Butchart says:

    Love the pics. My family lived in an apartment upstairs at 1296 Queen when I was born. 1947.

    • jack gibney says:

      That would be above what is now the Cadillac. Any photos would be great. Anything about OV’s or any neighborhood pr whatever photos with stories would be great.

  6. Mike Stein says:

    Great stuff!

    Wasted many hours at the Kum-C and Mike’s pool hall next door…

    Thanks again, Jack!


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