Pockets of Historic Beauty on Queen St W, Parkdale

An illustrated look at how Parkdale’s buildings developed in pockets by type. Why some of the oldest are the best.  Next we will look at preservation options being considered.
The first map shows three areas of Parkdale in order of age.

  • Area 1 Parkdale.  Mostly buildings built during Parkdale’s years 1879-1889 as a self governing village.
  • Area 2 Toronto (after annexation). Buildings from the Toronto era after 1889.
  • Area 3. All other buildings.

    The older buildings are more precious. The Toronto era buildings are often stronger looking. Parkdale growth was stimulated by lake access and transit. The following pictures and maps illustrate this.

What Queen Used To Look Like, Deric Flak

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5 Responses to Pockets of Historic Beauty on Queen St W, Parkdale

  1. Marjorie Frimeth says:

    Where was The Parkdale Hotel 1302 Queen st west?

  2. Paul Farrelly says:

    Excellent curation. Well done.

    • jack gibney says:

      Than you very much Paul Farrelly, Chair of the Toronto East York Preservation Community Council. I needed that.

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