The Shadow Side of Sunnyside. janes walk May 2, 4-6pm

2015, Saturday May 2 4-6pm Start: (Beaty) Parkette at foot of Roncesvalles
Ave beside the pedestrian bridge to the Lake.
Finish: Sunnyside Pavilion

The walk will feature the history of development, and the plans for the future of our local waterfront. How well did the city manage economic interests and the public good? Hosted by the Roncesvalles Village Historical Society (Meghan Edmonds and Daryl Landau) with Palais Royale History and Period Tango demonstration by The Parkdale Village Historical Society (Jack Gibney y Mona Paris)
Also: 2015, Wednesday April 29 6-8pm. At the Library High Park Branch, 228 Roncesvalles Ave. Similar content, better seating.
In November of 1955, several fires occurred in Sunnyside. An all too familiar pattern when something historical
becomes unprofitable. Come out and learn more.

Feedback Needed. To the right under ‘Every Street and Building’ New Format! Dundas St and Melbourne Ave. Please leave comments or email. Thank you.

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3 Responses to The Shadow Side of Sunnyside. janes walk May 2, 4-6pm

  1. carol says:

    Will there be an Argentine Tango demo onWed.the 29th of April? Great idea.
    Love the Palais Royale pics. Carol

  2. Otto Wilkens says:

    I love getting these emails and looking at the pictures. Thanks. Otto

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