The Parkdale Movie Theatre at 1605 Queen Street West by Doug Taylor

1605 Queen Street West, The Parkdale Theatre

1605 Queen Street West, The Parkdale Theatre

Doug Taylor gave  permission to include his articles: He said ‘Communicating with those who have an interest in preserving the architectural history of Toronto is always a pleasure. I have been blogging now for about three years, and Parkdale is one of the communities that has captured my interest. When I stroll along its tree-lined streets, I feel as if I have entered a time tunnel that transports me back to the past. It is rare to discover a district in our city that has survived the onslaught of the condo developers, remaining virtually unchanged since the late-nineteenth century. I worry that in our busy commercial world of today, Parkdale will eventually come across the radar of the developers and an important part of our heritage will be lost.

I was recently very pleased to establish a contact with Jack Gibney, who has created a blog to post articles and pictures relating to the Parkdale of yesteryears. His blog has an attractive layout that is interesting to read, and the photographs are expertly inserted to illustrate the various topics that are presented. I hope that Jack will include links to some of the posts on my blogs, where our interests happen to coincide. Sharing a love of Toronto’s architectural heritage is an abiding passion and one that I am always anxious to share.’     Doug Taylor   (Doug’s Article follows…)

This photo of the Parkdale Theatre at 1605 Queen Street West, on the southwest corner of Queen and Triller Avenue, is from the Ontario Archives (AO 2171). It was taken around 1947. One of the features listed on the marquee is the Laurel and Hardy movie, “Chump at Oxford,” released in 1940. I was never inside this venerable theatre, but I remember it well.  When I was a child in the 1940s, the most anticipated event of the summertime was a trip on the streetcar to the fabled playground beside the lake—Sunnyside. We travelled on the Queen Streetcar, alighting at Roncesvalles. The theatre loomed majestically near the intersection. As a child, I thought it was a massive structure and longed to be of an age to attend it.  Continue Reading on Doug Taylor’s Blog…

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