The Latest Gentrification Of Parkdale

When the Gwynnes moved into Parkdale in 1833 they led the first wave of Gentrification. It did not go well for the Mississaugas. Make careful plans.  (The featured image is the Toronto Swindle.)

Report on the presentation sponsored by Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust  Joshua Barndt – Development Coordinator PNLT and the PRA.

What is Gentrification?
201 Cowan Ave (south entrance) Thurs. Nov 3, 7 – 9 PM
Mervyn Horgan, University of Guelph
Scott Leon, Wellesley Institute

More meetings on this topic weekly.   201 Cowan Ave (south entrance) Nov 10, 7 – 9 PM


The featured image is the Toronto ‘Swindle’.  By 1787 the British clearly knew the First Nations believed Mother Earth had a spirit and could not be sold. They knew the Mississaugas could not read so, what did they tell the Mississaugas was in the agreement?

Historicist: The Credit Village. The Mississaugas” thriving agricultural village on the Credit River, 1826-1847.
Mississaugas Part 1
Mississaugas Part 2

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