Sunnyside Historical Society Meets In Downtown Parkdale!

The first ever Meeting of the Sunnyside Historical Society at the Parkdale Library was held May 19, 2015. We held a trial, a Beauty Contest and reviewed over 200 detailed pictures illustrating the history of Sunnyside. All opinions expressed here are those of Jack Gibney unless indicated otherwise.  Jump to Highlights and CONSPIRACY.

Highlights of the evening

  • Swansea Historical Society Visited.
  • Postering on Queen Street Brought in Parkdale.
  • The ‘Trial’ and ‘Beauty Contest” skits were an overwhelming success.

Meghan Edmonds wrote and directed the skits. A half dozen volunteers brought them to life. The audience sang along at times. The trial judge was drinking and the beauty contest descended into a scandal. What fun!

  • The Streetcar Conspiracy

We had a request for source information on this topic, so here it is. there appears to be a lot of hard evidence that GM deliberately destroyed many streetcar systems.  The GM defenders rely more on emotions and doubt.  There’s my opinion.  You decide and please leave comments at the end of the article. Jack Gibney

General Motors streetcar conspiracy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The General Motors streetcar conspiracy refers to convictions of General Motors (GM) and other companies for monopolizing the sale of buses and supplies to …

The StreetCar Conspiracy. How General Motors Deliberately Destroyed Public Transit. by Bradford Snell. The electric streetcar, contrary to Van Wilkin’s …

Sep 2, 2010 – Back in the dawn of the Automobile Age, General Motors began systematically buying streetcar lines and then shutting them down, leaving millions of Americans without viable public transportation options. … There is no question that a GM-controlled entity called National City Lines …

The Great Transportation Conspiracy – National City Lines and related corporate … to scrap electrically powered streetcars and trolley-buses, which G.M. did not …
En route, his manifesto detailing a deliberate conspiracy to eliminate … your most important and valuable public utilities–your electric utilities (street car systems)!

Jun 3, 2013 – He then states that this group was ultimately found guilty in federal court of “conspiracy to monopolize mass transit.” A few readers pointed out …
Sep 23, 2010 – by Stephen Smith Among liberals in the planning profession today, the story of the Great American Streetcar Conspiracy is …

electric streetcar, contrary to Van Wilkin’s …

Paving the Way for Buses – The Great GM Streetcar Conspiracy. Part II – The Plot Clots. By Guy Span, S.D.. In Part I, we found that General Motors (GM) was …

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6 Responses to Sunnyside Historical Society Meets In Downtown Parkdale!

  1. Sunny Clark says:

    Fantastic, Jack, fabulous compilation.

    (Though, I wouldn’t exactly call early ancestral heritage a “Native Era” unless calling all since a “post-Native” or “post-indigenous era”. Unlike my paternal English ancestors, my maternal French ancestors worked in concert with the native population, forming partnerships and families like mine, creating we, the Métis of Canada… our era has just begun 🙂 )

    • jack gibney says:

      All true. It is hard to be perfect. I thought of the phrase ‘Pre-European Era’, but that implies no one of importance lived here before Europeans and besides there is evidence Europeans were here 23,000 years ago. The linguistic map of North America implies that there were many many successive waves of immigrants from numerous language groups. I would like to write an article about all that. Thank you for your comment! I have a question for you. Is the street name ‘Indian Road’ good as it acknowledges that per-europeans are part of our heritage? Or is it bad because since the street was named we stopped using the term Indian because it was a misnomer? Sunny, You saw an early edit of the article. Lots of small corrections have been made. Can you suggest a better heading???
      Metis Era: The Metis culture being a blend of Native, French and English has spread, giving Canada a sweeter more peaceful and reasonable culture. We end up all being a little Metis or Native, and better for it.

      • Sunny Clark says:

        Thanks for all the work this compilation must have been, Jack… Indian Road… well, I’m one of those who rejects the term, yet many a Native Elder prefers the ‘devil they know’ sort to speak, retaining “Indian” as an ethnic identifier… so, the jury’s still out, but it seems likely to become obsolete in future. Youth pretty much despise it. I’d love to see Indian Road renamed Indigenous Avenue or Native Path or… how about

        New Title? Roaming Editorials now, is it? LOL Honoured to assist. And, maybe keep your title as a sub-title? Perhaps one of these works…?

        Historical Pictorial: Sunnyside Now and Then

        Sunnyside Now and Then: An Annnotated Historical Pictorial

        Sunnyside, Parkdale and Roncey Village: Pictorial Essay of our Past and Future

        If all it does is inspire something else, no worries!

      • jack gibney says:

        I am learning from this conversation. I am thinking of alternative names for Indian Road. Here are a few: Wendot Road, Wendat Road. Haudenosaunee Road, Six Nations Road, Seneca Road, Mississauga Road, Anishinaabe Road or Mississauga of the New Credit First Nations Road.
        What do you think? The present name resonates with our history and reflects our previous ignorance without conveying insult. I would like to rename some roads and parks along Carrying Place Trail, Davenport Trail, Indian Road trail or The trail that ran across South Parkdale to and Fort Rouille and was used by the Mississaugas AKA Ojibwa AKA Anishinaabe.

      • Sunny Clark says:

        Great ideas 🙂 How about Avenue of the Anishinaabe?

        I’d like to see an Abbott Road meet a Ruffin Way to an Anderson Street, too, for Parkdale’s own Dr. Anderson Ruffin Abbott, Canada’s first black physician…

      • jack gibney says:

        It has a great ring to it. I like it!

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