Sunday June 11 @ Lambton House

Sunday June 11 @ Lambton House

C a n a d i a n  J u n c t i o n
Town, City and Country.

Reading of a new one-act play by Neil Ross.   Guest Speaker, Christopher Moore!canad-a



Sunday, June 11, 2017
Lambton House 2:00pm
4066 Old Dundas Street, York
(TTC bus 55 from Jane station stops at the door)
Doors open 12:30pm * Refreshments

 Coming August 5, 2017!  A diverse village and town becomes a city and joins Toronto as an equal (in its heart). Featuring Eileen Jensen as Mrs. Brown, Mikaela Cordero as Anna Leung, and Neil Ross as AB Rice. With more foreshadowing of Walk the Six West: History on the Humber. Follow us at @historyonhumber. Information Line: (647) 675-1792.

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