Springhurst Ave Toronto

We start at Jameson Ave and Springhurst Ave looking south east to where the South Parkdale train station once was. we next look south then turn further to head west on Springhurst on the south west side.

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3 Responses to Springhurst Ave Toronto

  1. Rick Page says:

    My brother and I and our parents were the first tenants at 1 Springhurst Ave after it was built (early 60s). Our parents were the building caretakers. All these photos bring back fond memories. Oh if we can only turn the clock back. Thank you very much.

    • jack gibney says:

      If you want to share any photos or stories from the 60s or family stories of the area that would be most appreciated. a picture of the building or the CNE.

    • Wendy says:

      Hello Rick, I would like to share stories about Springhurst. Are you still in Toronto? Feel free to email me any time. Wendy

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