Save Queen St 2013!

Queen Street West at Cowan Ave., by David Kaufman Read...

Queen Street West at Cowan Ave., photograph by David Kaufman Read…

This summer (2013) the city commissioned study will hold consultations in Parkdale on development and preservation. Following this development will enter Parkdale. It is very important that when they come to hear our views we are well thought out and as much in agreement as possible. Some resources are provided here to help with these discussions.
The city’s policy is DENSIFICATION. Consider the ongoing development in Liberty Village and along Queen Street West the other side of Dufferin St. More residences are almost inevitable. Consider how you want this to look; where, how big and what appearance. We will need more parks, transit and parking for cars and bicycles. We possess the, fairly intact, nineteenth century Village of Parkdale. If well preserved and restored it would become a Tourist Attraction as did the Village of Unionville. If we are without a plan we could see a repeat of the errors of the 1960’s and the resultant dereliction of Parkdale from which we are still recovering.

A Few Ideas: Preserve and Restore as much as possible. Establish priority areas of ‘Town’ to maintain the history. Welcome sensitive development that conforms to the look and size, provides a percentage of its parking spaces to public use, provides a percentage of affordable housing, contributes to a fund that would provide cash incentives for owners of historical properties. This is similar to the parks fund. Based on a rating of the property’s value to the city could provide graduated incentives for such upgrades as tuck pointing, cleaning off old paint and dirt, painting etc. For example the owner of the tower on the north west corner of Jameson and Queen stands to gain little from cleaning up his building. Parkdale would benefit greatly from increased Tourism and Cache.

Properties Ripe for Development:

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