Properties that we Recommend for listing and Eventual Designation

The Sunnyside Historical Society has agreed on this list of Properties that we recommend for immediate listing and eventual designation. We considered all of Roncesvalles to Dundas and across Dundas to Sorauren plus some nearby areas. Toronto City Council has decided to list all Toronto heritage properties worthy of consideration for designation so potential demolition can be delayed while closer consideration of these selected buildings is made. You may have heard of the demolition of the Bank of Montreal building on Yonge north of Eglinton. It was not listed so the demolition was legal and unstoppable. If you would like to help with this task in the Parkdale general area please contact me

Descriptions precede pictures.

Other Streets near the Roncesvalles Dundas Study area contain surprising heritage treasures.

We discussed numerous other properties. For example the first block or two south of Howard park is itself a heritage area but we were trying to select individual properties and could not choose.  Your comments and suggestions would be appreciated. As always information or stories about buildings are valuable.

View or download a PDF of this report here

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2 Responses to Properties that we Recommend for listing and Eventual Designation

  1. Sarah Anne says:

    Roncesvalles and Parkdale are wonderful charming neighborhoods in Toronto with so many beautiful old buildings with interest architecture, design and character. The needs to be a strong presents in Toronto for persevering old building, the charm and character of neighborhoods. These are all wonderful buildings that have historic value. I’ve lived in the Roncesvalles neighborhood for over 7 years and live in one of the building posted. Wonderful article. Thank you for writing it!

    • Jack Gibney says:

      Thank you for posting. The Sunnyside Historical society supports the preservation of your building.

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