Roncesvalles Ave west side

We start at the lake shore and walk north on the west side.  Click any picture to start where you wish. Let us know how you like it.

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2 Responses to Roncesvalles Ave west side

  1. Tom Kane says:

    I am assembling a photo project around the 2009-2012 Roncesvalles Ave rebuild. This is a project for a course/workshop I am taking at Ryerson Univ. I note that the society’s web page includes photos showing some of the early streetcar track construction on the west side of Roncesvalles (“82 Roncesvalles Ave to the right 1919 photo”). Who has the rights to this photo9, or is it now public domain? If it is public domain may I download it from your web site?

    Tom Kane

    • jack gibney says:

      Tom, I regret not getting back to you sooner. As you can see at the bottom of the picture it indicates it is from the Toronto Archives. All Toronto Archive and Toronto Public Library pictures are in the public relm, so you can use them. The Toronto Archives only shares smaller versions of their images publicly. I enlarge and edit such images to make them easier to look at on a large screen. You are welcome to download and use any image from this web site. To get the best image from this web site, click on any small image to get into the carousel, full screen display, then look to the lower right for a link to the full size image. If I have made a larger image available there will be a link, so click on the link if it is available. In this case there is such a link. Right click on a pc or double click on a mac and save the image to your computer. Let me know if this helps.

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