Land Use Map Of Toronto ‘Map 18’
All Designated and Listed Properties
Historic Maps Before Parkdale
How to Find Any Building Fast on Goads Maps 1884 – 1923.
Interactive Historic Maps of Parkdale. Look up any property as early as 1884!.
Aerial Photographs 1947 through 1983, good detail
Current Interactive Map of Toronto including Parkdale
Historical Maps of Toronto
Goad’s Atlas of the City of Toronto, Fire Insurance Maps from the Victorian Era
Fort York and Garrison Common Maps
Mapping Fort York’s legacy – 21st-century tools
Ont. Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

ON-LINE BOOKS historical:
Toronto during the French régime : a history of the Toronto region from Brulé to Simcoe, 1615-1793
Toronto The Old by Henry Scadding

The Diary of Elizabeth Simcoe
Toronto Old and New published 1881
The Parkdale Register 1881
Our Own Country, Canada. 1889
Parkdale in Pictures. Download PDF
The Canadian Album, Men of Canada Vol I 1891
The Canadian Album, Men of Canada Vol II 1893
The Canadian Album. Men of Canada Vol III 1894. Searchable
The Canadian Album, Men of Canada Vol IV 1895
The Canadian Album, Encyclopedic Vol V 1896
The Toronto City Directory 1903
Orangemen Who Served on Toronto City Council
Walter Dean (Palais Royale) and Sunnyside, Diane Beasley
Parkdale, A Centennial History 1979
The Society Blue Book, Toronto. A Social Directory 1920
Suburb Slum Urban Village, Transformations in Toronto’s Parkdale ‘Hood, 1875-2002

Biographical Dictionary of Architects in Canada 1800 – 1950
Parkdale in Pictures (for sale only $10)
“The Big Step (Dieter Engel) 1958 Toronto” a cool film  ‘Mr. Engel moves to Jameson Ave’.

Historical Societies:
Baby Point Heritage Foundation
Haudenosaunee Confederacy (Six Nations)
Roncesvalles Village Historical Society
Swansea Historical Society
West Toronto Junction Historical Society
Riverdale Historical Society
The Ontario Historical Society
Ontario Architecture Chronologically
Multicultural History Society of Ontario
Toronto Architectural Conservancy
Parkdale Residents’ Association coming soon
Colborne Lodge – tour

Find Your House Fast
Find Out the History of Your House
Toronto Archives: Find out the history of your house Queen St in Parkdale
TOBuilt, a database of Special buildings in Parkdale, Toronto, Canada
TOBuilt in any neighbourhood
Toronto Archives (

Research Resources
Ontario: Heritage Evaluation toolkit
Toronto’s Official Plan
Virtual Reference Library – TPL
Search link to PDFs of heritage Designation Research Search ‘Toronto Preservation Board”
Aboriginal affairs committee minutes
Canadian Archives – Search
Oldest Buildings and Structures in Toronto
Heritage Preservation Services
Ontario Heritage Act
Parkdale Village BIA – History
Toronto Archives
Toronto Historical Association
Toronto’s Museums and Archives
Archives of Ontario
Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation
Architectural Conservancy of Ontario
Brantford Architecture Lost Forever
Historicist: John Howard’s Enduring Monument
Toronto Heritage Properties, Listed or Designated
Toronto Heritage Preservation Services. (if designated under Ont. Heritage Act.)
Toronto’s property standards enforcement staff.

Interesting Links
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Who Really Discovered America? (History Documentary)
“The Toronto Purchase”: Greatest Swindle in Canadian History. Toronto Belong’s to the First Nations
Historic Unionville is a Hit and perhaps a model for Parkdale
David Kaufman, Preserving Queen Street Architecture

What Sunnyside looked like before the Gardiner Arrived
Palais Royale history wikipedia
History of Canada – wikipedia
A Brief History of Transit in Toronto
Toronto is an Iroquois Word
Historical Narratives of Early Canada (Hurons)
History of Parkdale – Parkdale Community Legal Services
City of Toronto History
Heritage Toronto, Origin of ‘Toronto’ and the portages.
What Parkdale Used To Look Like In Toronto
The Parkdale Theartre, Queen and Roncesvales Plus many more histories.
The Revue Theatre at 400 Roncesvalles Ave.
A History of French Canada 1650 to 1669 (Geneology)
AMANTACHA: Wendat,French and Iroquois
Iroquoians Around 1745

Sunnyside Beach Park 1850s to 1950s.
Palais Royale – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
What Sunnyside looked like before the Gardiner arrived
Palais Royale Ballroom
Let’s Dance: A Celebration of Ontario’s Dance Halls