Then and Now

Look into the past of our buildings and neighborhoods through 86 dated historical and current pictures. Send us your pictures and become a part of our memory. If you have a large screen, click on a picture for a full screen view. Pictures are sorted alphabetically.

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  1. John Birke says:

    Jack, Wondering if you have any pics of the old Sunnyside train station? As I recall ( living on Dowling as a kid until 1953) the station was above on King St and you had to walk down to track level. Also there was a restaurant accessible from Lakeshore Blvd adjacent to the tracks. Just east of the restaurant was outdoor natural ice where we skated in the winter. I have fond memories of our years in Parkdale…remember hearing, on the way to school at Queen Victoria, the cox in the “eights” from the Argonaut rowing Club calling out the stroke rate…on a rainy morning when the humidity really carried the sound!

    • jack gibney says:

      There are pictures under the article about ‘the history of transit on Humber Bay’. I will put it on my list to make an article of Synnyside Station Pictures.

  2. jack gibney says:

    I have made corrections to several pictures regards 1457 and 1475 Queen Street W, the Hydro building an Shoppers Drug Mart. Thanks to Studio/GM_Brown for pointing out the the problem.

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    • jack gibney says:

      As always your courtesy is appreciated as is your contribution to the appreciation of our history.

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