One HCD for WQW Wanted By LayPeople and Experts Alike

The Sunnyside Historical Society and an ever growing number of community organizations, experts and individuals want one HCD for all West Queen West, Roncesvalles to Bathurst.

Survey finished. Thank you.

On Dec 13, 2016 the  Sunnyside Historical Society made a unanimous agreement that, “all of West Queen West from Bathurst to Roncesvalles should be included in a heritage conservation district.” 

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1. Terry Mills, Architect and Planner wants one large HCD. See in pictures and maps how Ossington was the center of Toronto’s west end transit and early development. He wants one HCD for all WQW.

2. City Planners prepared this report recommending Heritage Designation for the buildings the Drake Hotel now plans to Spoil.

3. Jessica Wilson VP Ossington Community Association prepared this assessment, here of the City’s, 4. West Queen West Study Report – SHS article, here. Jessica wants one HCD for all WQW.

5. Benj Hellie OCA Commented on importance of Ossington. Benj wants one HCD for all WQW.

6. West Side Community Council (WSCC) representing seven residents associations, wrote this joint letter letter, explaining that they want one HCD for all WQW.

7. The West Queen West Heritage Conservation District study was written up in the Parkdale Villager a couple of days ago: The story details the efforts of the West Side Community Council, an umbrella group including the Ossington Community Association, to mobilize support for revising the draft recommendations … to one HCD, Roncesvalles to Bathurst.

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  1. jessicawilsonhellie says:

    Thanks for keeping your eye on this crucial issue, Jack, and for giving people on your list an easy way to get feedback to the consultant and Councillors.

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