248 Dufferin Street, Not Designated or Listed. Gone!

Without Historical status demolition was planned without further consideration.

Without Historical status demolition of 248 Dufferin Street was planned without further consideration.

Feb. 19 Gord Perks and city staffers held a meeting to obtain public opinion on what will be done in the Expanded Dufferin Park.  Parkdale is fortunate to gain this larger park. I went to learn the fate of the big Georgian Style composite building currently on the site at 248 Dufferin Street.  The city bought it to use as a park. It was neither Historically Listed or Designated so the team immediately committed to demolition to make the park.  I understand that the city needs to be decisive. Delays are expensive and waste time. It was a WAKE UP CALL -if we do not move to protect our still intact Parkdale Village, the historic buildings on Queen Street West that grace the village could be summarily slated for demolition one at a time, leaving us with a mess.  We have work to do.  Please register here at pvhs.info or subscribe to the Newsletter. Parkdale needs you.

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