Liberty Village Heritage is much older than the Distillery District

Are we overlooking our oldest and most valuable Heritage in Liberty Village? Heritage Tourism, large or small, is coming to West Liberty Village.

This material was presented to the Liberty Village BIA 2017-04-20. It was standing room only. Three representatives of the Developer were in attendance and ARA Architects spoke.  A lively discussion followed. Liberty Village BIA clearly values heritage.

Just an observation: We employ architects to evaluate Heritage. This approach appears to skip over First Nations and anything covered by stucco.

2015-10-08 ERA Architects 25 Liberty

Heritage Toronto Report in 5 parts:
Introduction  2016-01-19 Toronto 1-of-5.pdf
Map 2016-01-19-Toronto-2-of-5.pdf
Picture 2016-01-19-Toronto-3-of-5.pdf
Description (good read) 2016-01-19-Toronto-4-of-5.pdf
Full Report (best read) 2016-01-19-Toronto-5-of-5.pdf

Old Time Trains aerial photos of Liberty Village.
Petition by local residents to save the block has 663 signatures

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One Response to Liberty Village Heritage is much older than the Distillery District

  1. One’s heritage is always, and inevitably, something shared. Patience, and a belief in what beauty lies between the layers, makes sure no-one gets left out, and we all benefit so beautifully. Thank you for this email on the rich and imbedded history of West Liberty Village West!

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