1410 and 1408 Queen St W 1. Introduction. Parkdale Toronto

You will be surprised by how many notable people were involved with this important building: a famous architect, a land owner, a politician, United Empire Loyalists, not to mention strong women and international adventures.  Enjoy the story and help us plan how to preserve it. Part 1.

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  1. GBC says:

    Naismith’s Bakery operated a lunch counter at 1408 early in the century.

  2. Scott Ercit says:

    What a treat – Howard and I are distant (fifth) cousins, but have never met. I went looking for information on him and his parents and stumbled upon your article and photos that I never expected to find. Thanks.

  3. Jordan C says:

    What a great article! I am so thrilled to have stumbled upon this.

    I am a descendant of the Guinane family and don’t have a lot of information about them, so this is great. Do you have anymore information handy about John Laxton or Catherine/John Guinane? Catherine and John are my great-great-great grandparents (lived at 2 Laxton) so I would love to learn more about them. Thanks kindly in advance!

    • jack gibney says:

      I have shared all I know for now, but you have the opportunity to share your information through me, with others. Trace your family lineage back to Catherine and John. Include any old pictures you may have. Where did people live? What religion were they? What they worked at. Pictures of people, houses, maps.anything, and of course the older the better. Thank you for writing. I look forward to hearing from you. jack@pvhs.info Jack Gibney

  4. Meghan Edmonds says:

    I look forward to the next segment- love how people are bringing forward material from their own family histories- this is what i pictured for the RVHS- to get family memories before they are lost forever- if people have photos that have any info hand written on the back that can be very helpful to know as well . It takes a lot of work to pull this together- thanks Jack

    • jack gibney says:

      Thank you Meghan. It means a lot! Meghan joins us from Roncesvalles Village which totally overlaps with Parkdale.

  5. Joyce (Holland) Courtney says:

    I lived at 1408 Queen St. W. on the third floor with my two children from July 1965 to July 1985. I do remember so well all the stairs and going through the hall on the second floor through another door to get to the third floor. It was great exercise. My kids had many friends in Parkdale and went to school there. When they grew up and left home I remarried and stayed on a little and then moved to the “burbs. A lot of good memories in the apt.

    • jack gibney says:

      Thank you for posting. If you have any photos showing the inside or outside with dates and stories would be wonderful. I will share.

  6. Nonetheless, he arrives at the Hotel Dolphin on 61st Street in New York City intent on spending the night in the hotel’s infamous room 1408, as part of his research for his next book,

  7. Sunny Clark says:

    Loving your site, Jack! (PS emailed you a few days ago at site address.)

  8. Nora Guinane says:

    Very interesting Jack. I didn’t know that my great grandfather, John Laxton, was the initial owner of these properties.

    • jack gibney says:

      Nora, I have your research and will be creating an article from it. I am a bit backed up at present. I will be doing a 5 or 6 part article on 1410 Queen St W that will lead into your material nickely. Hang on.

    • jack gibney says:

      Howard Hutt did the research on 1408 1410 Queen St W.

      • jack gibney says:

        I have added the following clarification under the related picture. ” (A decendant of John Guinane has advised me that the family was then and is now Catholic. The inter denominational nature of the allencompasing Temperance Movement may have made religion seem less a political issue to these men. I cannot explain this so the truth is in doubt.) “

      • jack gibney says:

        Although John Laxton was clearly an Orangeman I have been unable to verify that John Guinane was and so I have removed all reference to that from picture 5. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have learned that Orange was more about freedom of choice and parliamentary democracy and less about religion, however the order was clearly protestant and dominated Canadian politics throughout the 1800s.

      • Nora Guinane says:

        Jack, the Guinanes were Catholic but Laxtons were Protestant.

      • jack gibney says:

        Well, that explains Catherine Laxton and John Guinane eloped. A great love story in our history.

  9. Donna Kairys says:

    Thank you

  10. Basil Guinane says:

    Thank you for this Jack, I no longer live in Parkdale but I have many fond memories of growing up there

    • jack gibney says:

      Some of your relatives have given me some information on the family history and I will be posting it son. If you have any pictures I would love to see them.

  11. John Rudge says:

    Enjoyed the article, looking forward to the next parts and extra puzzle pieces.

    • jack gibney says:

      I noticed that many visitors also looked at Then and Now so I decided to update it first. Next on 1410 coming soon.

  12. 1410 Queen St. West like in the Parkdale past, the architecture in the area will make for a strong effort on how to go about preserving some of the recent past, to get started where some buildings just left off. Hope this project gets more than what was at, least to expect from it!

  13. Nancy Day Sebry says:

    As a child , I lived with my mother at 1408 Queen St W while my father was overseas, WW 2. We lived on the second floor , in the front. I seem to remember that it was one very large room, divided into rooms by floor to ceiling velvet drapes.
    When he returned from the war, we lived there for a while , then moved to the back on the second floor , to a two room flat.
    At that time in the early 40s….there was a bakery on the ground floor…..run by two ladies.
    As far as I can remember , the tenants on the third floor were a family named Massey.

    • jack gibney says:

      If you have any pictures of any part or area of the house or anything old in Parkdale I would like to make copies and share them with others. Howard Hutt would also love to see anything.

  14. David McLeish says:

    Thanks for all of your hard work on this Jack, fascinating stuff.

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