Historical Walk Sun. Nov. 30, 2pm. Early Developments.

Brockton in 1868. There is a Tole Booth at Brock and Queen in future Parkdale.

In Brockton in 1868, there was a Toll Booth at Brock and Queen in what was the future Parkdale.

We will meet on the west side of Brock Street at Queen St. West, 2 PM Sunday (where the toll booth once was).

We will begin with a discussion of early developments at this corner, the site of perhaps the first building on Queen in Parkdale. We will travel along Queen to Dunn Ave and learn more about the history of the buildings at that intersection. We will then walk down Dunn Avenue, noting the historic institutions and houses as far as Springhurst. We will visit the location of the former South Parkdale Railway station and the Home for the Incurables, finishing up near Dunn and King about 3:30 PM. We look forward to discussing Parkdale history with you.

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