Historic Maps Before Parkdale.

Going Back Into History: Summary of the eras covered by maps here.
1870s Brockton estate holders die, their heirs subdivide and Parkdale develops.
1850s Railways connect our area and Brockton develops
1812 The English arrive. Logging and wars.
1792 Map shows a village of Mississaugas where York was planned and a (French) Blacksmith in the future Parkdale.
1789-1799 The French revolution occurred triggering new wars in Europe.
1775-1783 the American Revolution occurred. United Empire Loyalists move in.
1770 c French defeated by Britain.
1690 Iroquois busy with wars. Mississaugas move to Humber and Kingston areas from Lake Superior.
1650 Iroquois take over north of Lake Ontario. Notice “F Toronto”
1640s Wendat (allied with French) are dispersed by Iroquois with British guns.
1609-1744 Maps of the french period are used to chronicle Wendat (Huron) history.
30,000 glacial extreme

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