1441 King St W Harry’s Closed After 48 Years. 2016-06-29

It was the last Chance to visit Harry’s Charbroil at 1441 King Street West, Parkdale Toronto. June 29, tomorrow, was the last day. Photos of the closing party at end. Will new owners build on the local history as the Skyline and Ace Restaurants have so successfully done? Here are the before pictures.  Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

I recall visiting Harry’s many times in the  1970s while I lived at 33 Beaty Ave. What do we preserve?

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4 Responses to 1441 King St W Harry’s Closed After 48 Years. 2016-06-29

  1. Joan Kenny says:

    Thanks for the excellent, fascinating photos. Pictures such as these are priceless to those of us who gre up in Toronto but now live elsewhere. I left in 1960 to live in Vancouver.
    I would appreciate seeing photos of the old Danforth/Broadview/Pape area, including Eastern Commerce high school, which I understand is closing.
    Again, many thanks

  2. Melissa Johnston says:

    Great article and photos for a great spot as it earns it’s place in the history books. Best food around and we’ll miss it & the people that created it and what went with it.

    I have also tried the new Skyline and was terribly disapointed by both the food and the service. I sincerely hope the trend of pricey yet mediocre food, served with a side of
    we-don’t-care does not hit our beloved local!

    It is sadlt time to change and ImI’m optimistic that the place will keep its amaxing vibe and emphasis on great down-home cooking for a decent price, and get a well earned facelift.

    Please don’t get too fancy with the food, you’d be fixing what wasn’t broken.

    Hope the new owners at Harry’s get the individual jukeboxes going again, and keep the same best bacon & eggs in the city along with the same great steak for a reasonable price. Kick a$$ coffee too please! 🙂

    Will be a regular again if the food is as good… if that’s possible, the new owners will truly garner my respect, hard earned dollars and word of mouth.

    Long Live Harry’s!

  3. Dave Scott says:

    I am so sorry to hear this sad news. I just started going back to Harry’s after the Skyline closed.
    Unfortunately , I tried the NEW Skyline, and don’t care for it.
    I hope the NEW Harry’s will not follow the new trend.
    I have found the food excellent and reasonable at Harry’s.
    Long Live Harry’s .

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