Glenavon Road Toronto

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4 Responses to Glenavon Road Toronto

  1. Elizabeth Jones (Burgon) says:

    Liz Burgon again,, ok, i know why the numbers are wrong,, the first house maybe on Glenavon, but the address for that house is on Dowling,, not Gleanavon, if by chance you go there, you will see the door to the house is on Dowling,, thanks,

    • jack gibney says:

      I will make the change. Thanks for the note.

      • jack gibney says:

        I checked and Glenavon is spelled correctly, also there is a 16 and 18 so there must be some more complex problem. I will drive by and check but could you clear your cach and try again. If that fails please copy the url and paste it into a comment here. Thank you for your feedback and your help in resolving this.

  2. Elizabeth Jones (Burgon) says:

    hi,, i saw the house that i grew up in, but some one has the numbers wrong,, the house i’m talking about is the last house on the right hand side,, and the number is 16, not 18,, could you please correct this,, thank you

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