Dunn and Dowling Bridges, Good News

The Dunn Avenue bridge will be for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians as well as higher trains. Dowling Avenue bridge will be for pedestrians and bicycles only. The following historical pictures of the Dunn Avenue bridge area, in date order, reflect the changes to the present. Both bridges appear to be well underway. Dowling will be discussed here within the week. Comments, corrections and suggestions are welcome.

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8 Responses to Dunn and Dowling Bridges, Good News

  1. M Miller says:

    I loved the old Dunn bridge and I’m disappointed that it’s gone.

    • jack gibney says:

      Agreed,It had strength, simplicity and a special character.

      • jack gibney says:

        Is true, the character of the bridge is gone forever. The presence of the replacement bridge will help to retain the character of the community by keeping its connectivity to the lake stronGer. Thank you for the comment.

    • jack gibney says:

      Thanks for the agreement.

  2. Otto Wilkens says:

    wonderful pictures. I always enjoy them. Otto

  3. Abby Bushby says:

    Wonderful collection. Congratulations.

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