Cowan Ave Toronto

We start with a few historical pictures, then beginning at the south end of Cowan Ave and walk north on the east side. After we reach Queen we return on the west side of Cowan Ave..

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  1. Ian Cowan says:

    Hello there
    I have just discovered your page about Cowan Avenue in Toronto and was wondering if anyone knew the origin of the name. The reason I ask is that my grandfather – James Cowan – lived in Toronto for a number of years and woeked at Kodak. My father – John Cowan – was born at 28 Pape Avenue in 1915. Wikipedia’s Pape Village / Todmorden page has a 1915 map showing Cowan Avenue, so the origin has nothing to do with the “Paisley Cowans” but the origin would still be interesting to know.
    Many thanks
    Ian Cowan

    • jack gibney says:

      Unfortunately I could not find much. I put the family shield under Street/Cowan Ave. If you ever come across anything please let me know.

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