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Parkdale History in a Dozen Maps!

Parkdale has a history as diverse as it’s present. When Champlain arrived in 1509 at Quebec City the Nutrals lived in our area. They were close to the Hurons. The Iroquois, armed by the Dutch and Americans invaded this area … Continue reading

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Parkdale: A Centennial History

The delightful stories in this book include the crime spree of the Boyd gang. Inspired by the success of an intellectually challenged bank robber they took up bank robbery as a career. Sunnyside flourished and declined. There are true stories … Continue reading

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Russians Discovered and Populated Parkdale!

More accurately people came from what is now Russia over 13,000 years ago and some may have gone back too. The following article invited readers to share so here it is. ‘Linguistic Study Shows Evidence of ‘Back-Migration‘ When Early Native … Continue reading

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Parkdale residents resisted joining City of Toronto in 1889

From the Parkdale Villager Feb. 27, 2014, P. 11: Parkdale by Erin Hatfield with permission. The town of Parkdale was annexed by the City of Toronto on March 23, 1889. Parkdale resident Jack Gibney, one of the forces behind a … Continue reading

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Parkdale and Brockton History from Lost Toronto, Greg Chown

Jack Gibney: ‘Greg, I’d like to put some of your pictures and stories in .  I hope to hear from you.’ February 5, 2014 at 6:22 am Greg Chown: ‘Sure, just give Lost Toronto a credit and a link … Continue reading

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