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Properties that we Recommend for listing and Eventual Designation

The Sunnyside Historical Society has agreed on this list of Properties that we recommend for immediate listing and eventual designation. We considered all of Roncesvalles to Dundas and across Dundas to Sorauren plus some nearby areas. Toronto City Council has … Continue reading

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57 & 65 Brock Ave. 7 Invading Stories and going to the OMB!

The size and appearance of the glass and steel tower clashes with the Heritage Landscape of the neighbourhood as though determined to destroy it. The developer is counting on the OMB to bypass the democratic process that rejected this proposal.  … Continue reading

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Brock Ave south of tracks

Brock Ave, in downtown Historic Parkdale’s is facing development plans. The pictures taken in 2015 are labeled Brock-Av-x-y where ‘x’ is just the picture number and ‘y‘ is the street address.

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Parkdale and Brockton History from Lost Toronto, Greg Chown

Jack Gibney: ‘Greg, I’d like to put some of your pictures and stories in .  I hope to hear from you.’ February 5, 2014 at 6:22 am Greg Chown: ‘Sure, just give Lost Toronto a credit and a link … Continue reading

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