Built, Cultural and Streetscape Heritage At Risk, 35 Liberty Street

There is a grand Victorian head office, hidden under stucco, on Liberty St between Atlantic and Jefferson. It needs people who understand that the stucco can be removed. There is architectural beauty, cultural heritage and a live-work artists’ incubator under there! These things will attract value and joy to the neighborhood if preserved.
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You can express your support here by signing the petition.

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a The Toronto City Planner’s careful Heritage Study.

b 25 Liberty St Overview

c Building Timeline Reference

d Blueprints and Docs

e The Developer’s Heritage report and Architectural drawings at:
http://app.toronto.ca/DevelopmentApplications/associatedApplicationsList.do?action=init&folderRsn=3841358&isCofASearch=false The Developers Heritage Report is almost blank.

Derek Flak adds his support in a well written article. Thank you Derek.

Town of Your Historical Society – Windmill

14 Gwynne Ave home of J J Wright, Street Lights, Electric Street cars and Public or Private Utilities, updated.

Canadian Electricity Association – history

Toronto’s Ex Place – wind turbine

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4 Responses to Built, Cultural and Streetscape Heritage At Risk, 35 Liberty Street

  1. Taras Demerson says:

    Great article!

    A petition has started to save the buildings. I’ve signed and hope you do too!


  2. Jordan Laura MacLachlan says:

    Ah! I’m so glad I checked my Junk box, as I just found this in there today. I just adore these Liberty street and area buildings. I visited studios of friends in several (35 years ago), before the neighborhood became what it is now. I was wondering Jack, why was all that sytrofoam and stucco used in the first place?

    • Jack Gibney says:

      It was sold as a way to freshen up a building. After 10 or 20 years It tends to streak, crack and look very shabby. Worst we can no longer see the heritage. No matter how nice the new covering, the Heritage is hidden. The city of Toronto now opposes Stucco on heritage.

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