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Detail of 1410 Queen Street West at Dunn Ave.

Detail of 1410 Queen Street West at Dunn Ave.

This summer, a city commissioned study will hold consultations in Parkdale on development and preservation. Following this, development will enter Parkdale. It is very important that when they come to hear our views we have discussed this and are as much in agreement as possible. Some resources are provided here to help with these discussions.
The city’s policy is DENSIFICATION. Consider ongoing development in Liberty Village and along Queen Street West the other side of Dufferin. More residences are almost inevitable. Consider where, how big and what appearance. We will need more parks, transit and parking for cars and bicycles. We possess the fairly intact nineteenth century Village of Parkdale. If well preserved and restored it could become a Tourist Attraction, as did the Village of Unionville. If we are without a plan we could see a repeat of the errors of the 1960’s and the resultant dereliction of Parkdale.

We need your feedback to our First Newsletter Survey.
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Parkdale Town SealWhat do you want the PVHS to do?
[ ]Protect Queen Street Parkdale Village
[ ]Protect other places___
[ ]Research Architectural histories of Buildings [ ] and Homes [ ].
[ ]Research, educate and entertain
[ ]Other___
What do you want to do for PVHS?
[ ]Help Protect Queen Street Village
[ ]Research, lead walks, give talks, write articles.
[ ]Provide help as needed
[ ]Tell us___
May we post your comments under your name?
[ ]Yes, [ ]No.

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