A User Guide: Streets

Streets added 2016-11-11, Brock Ave, Earnbridge St, Strickland Ave and Noble Ave.

Getting Oriented in the Articles: I have started with some historical pictures where available. Next I proceed in a clockwise order moving to the right as you face the buildings.  Street signs are shown to help.  Pictures progress along one side of the road and then return on the other side of the road.  Pictures are included of intersections to help you stay oriented.

Addresses: Addresses could be added for every building but it is time consuming.  Before starting on this I would like to photograph, edit and post all of Parkdale and Roncesvalles up to Howard Park. Volunteers would be most welcome.

Comments are welcome.
Some of these articles contain VERY many pictures and make take a minute to fully download.  Please be patient or comment!

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