421 Roncesvalles Ave Needs Heritage Designation

Development is at the northern gates of Roncesvalles Village. We are concerned.
Sunnyside Historical Society presentation to the Toronto Preservation Board Jan 26, 2017.

Result: The Board passed the motion. Next Councillor Gord Perks will take it to Toronto City Council where Heritage Designation is expected to pass.

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A Progressive Traditionalist: John M. Lyle Architect

 What Roncesvalles Ave Used To Look Like

Dominion Bank at 421 Roncesvalles Ave

Gore Perks: Heritage Designation for 421 Roncesvalles Avenue

The Toronto Preservation Board will be considering the heritage designation of 421 Roncesvalles Avenue at its next Board meeting.

The meeting will be held on Thursday, January 26th at 9:30 a.m., Committee Room #2, Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West.

421 Roncesvalles Avenue, at the south-east corner of Roncesvalles and Howard Park, was originally constructed as a branch of the Dominion Bank by Toronto’s great architect and urban designer John Lyle in 1914.

Architectural Plans. Follow this link then again follow ‘Architectural Plans’.

PDF of this article on 421 Roncesvalles Ave Designation


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5 Responses to 421 Roncesvalles Ave Needs Heritage Designation

  1. Jonathan Giggs says:

    What I like is that the plans keeps the entire heritage bank building intact and prevents the building from being demolished or weirdly altered for many years to come. The contrasting materials also means the bank building is not lost within the newer addition.

    I think the residents in North Toronto would love this proposal, as opposed to the stealth demolition of their bank building: http://www.blogto.com/city/2017/01/toronto-neighbourhood-fuming-after-historical-building-suddenly-torn-down/

    • Jack Gibney says:

      Agreed, this plan is better. I leave the question of height as a separate issue. Personally, in 1983 I rewired a telecommunications installation in the basement of that beautiful old bank on Yonge and Roselawn. The work set a new standard for the Bank of Montreal. A very small thing in this world, but another lost piece of my heritage.

  2. Jack Gibney says:

    This morning, Jan. 26 2017, I presented the content of this article to the Toronto Preservation Board to support the Heritage Designation proposed by Councillor Gord Perks. The Board approved the motion which next goes to Toronto City Council where it is expected to be approved.

  3. Andrew Borkowski says:

    A most historic intersection. I described it in detail in my Toronto Book Award winning short story collection Copernicus Avenue

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