High Park Library Turns 100 with Skits About Carnegie and The Parkdale Connection

To celebrate 100 years since the opening of the High Park Library we had a, sometimes revealing and sometimes hilarious, look at how our High Park and Parkdale Libraries Came about. Here are the highlights.

Lost Toronto: Blue Mechanics Institute ticket.

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6 Responses to High Park Library Turns 100 with Skits About Carnegie and The Parkdale Connection

  1. Terry Burrell says:

    Thank you Sunnyside Historical Society for organizing such an informative and enjoyable event

    I was privileged to join the group in the skits and had a great time as Andrew Carnegie, jousting with my Interviewer played by Daryl Landau.

    I’ve been told the crowd was rooting for Daryl who pressed me hard. Mr. Carnegie has directed some thoughts my way from the spirit world on that. Here is his (whinging?) message:

    This crowd and many others seems to have taken exception to the way the Homestead Strike in 1892 was handled by my subordinates, I was in England at the time. They seem to hold a grudge against me for the deaths of nine workers and seven Pinkerton agents.

    I took full responsibility at the time and said it was regrettable. Don’t you think the people would cut me some slack in light of that? And what about all the libraries, universities and cultural institutions my money built, including the High Park Branch on Roncesvalles? Where is the understanding and appreciation I ask?

    Andrew Carnegie

    • jack gibney says:

      “Mr Carnegie” I played the steel worker who you blacklisted for life, so in the words of Clint Eastwood, “Unforgiven”! Now, for me, Jack, in 2016, it is a great library!

  2. Catherine Raven says:

    Sounds like a fun evening – I wish I could have been there but I was busy scaring people (Haunted High Park @ Colborne Lodge). Hope to make the next one. You are doing a fantastic job of telling the local history. Cheers Catherine

  3. Abby Bushby says:

    Lots of thanks for mounting the highlights in photos and text, for those of us who could not come out to the real presentation. Informative and fun !

  4. Carolyn says:

    We are very lucky to have so many public libraries. During a recent visit to Southport, Lancashire, England (an hour via train from Liverpool). I was told that the local council could not afford to fund the libraries so some have closed but some remain open as public spaces with a grant but need to rely on rentals of the spaces for weddings, recitals and so on. Books are donated. I attended a wedding and a recital in one such space.

    The main library in that city is still open.

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