14 Gwynne Ave home of J J Wright, Street Lights, Electric Street cars and Public or Private Utilities

J J Wright was a leader in Canada’s electric industry. He lived in Parkdale during a dynamic period, leaving us with contested histories. His sight line to the lake was broken by tall buildings.  Contending opinions with sources are offered. Comments are very welcome.

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Gwynne Ave

Pictures of every house on Gwynne Ave. with street numbers. Preceded by detailed Goads maps 1884 through 1924. You can trace the development of any house.

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0 Introduction to Buildings

Articles about individual buildings will be listed here in address order. Suggestions on the format of this menu and related articles would be very welcome. Please use the comments section below each article.  When you post a comment I receive an email and must approve individual comments to avoid spam, IE. 50 advertisements each day for jeans, purses etc. Your feedback is appreciated!

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1426 Queen St W. Skyline Restaurant, Preservation and Restoration

The seller restored the Skyline Restaurant and the buyer added something too. The result is a beautiful preservation of a dearly loved Parkdale landmark. Here’s what they did and how they did it. WATCH the sign flash again (on a large screen).


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